Now this is a travel necessity

It’s all the magic of Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus in a travel-friendly bottle. The 3-ounce travel size meets airline standards and is a perfect fit in your carry-on or any travel bag, including gym bags, sewing kits and more! Your clothes can be wrinkle-free, odor-free and static-free in just minutes. Just spray, tug, smooth and hang, then you’re ready to go in no time. No iron necessary.

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Ingredients: Fiber relaxers, water, quality control agents and perfume.

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Travel tips

Here are five smart tips for what to wear on a plane



Temperatures from location to location, airport to airport and plane to plane are always unpredictable.


Minimal Jewelry

Only the essentials for plane travel. Makes everything go smoother with less hassle and worry.


Comfy & Cute

Not much room on a plane. Might as well be as comfortable as you can for the ride. But no reason comfortable can't cute, too!


Slip on shoes

Comfortable, yes, but these are also perfect for getting through security lines quicker



First, it's fashionable anytime of year. Second, it can double as a mini-blanket on a cold plane.

15 awesome travel hacks every parent needs to know

"Summer and travel go hand in hand, but sometimes traveling with kids doesn’t feel much like vacation.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we’ve partnered with Downy to bring 15 awesome travel hacks that will make vacationing with kids a breeze!" --Kids Activities Blog

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Five travel hacks you'll love


Roll, don't fold

As you pack, roll your clothes instead of folding them. You'll be able to fit up to two times the amount of clothing by rolling them as you would be folding them.


Pack your "iron"

And by iron we mean Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus. The 3oz. travel size meets airline standards. Slip it into your carry-on bag and with a simple spray, you'll be wrinkle free all trip long. (It's also a great fabric refresher if you have to wear your clothes more than once a vacation.)


Bring an empty water bottle

After you get through security, several airports have filtered water stands to fill your bottle. You'll also find that most airport cafes will gladly fill you water bottle as well.


Snap a picture

If you're checking your luggage, snap a picture of your suitcase contents before you leave the house. If the airline loses your luggage, you'll be able to use the picture to prove the value of the contents.


BYO Blanket

Blankets on airlines are hard to come by these days - and they're not always washed between flights. If you tend to get cold on planes, or you're going to be flying overnight, pack your own blanket to stay comfortable.