Spray Wrinkles Away!

Spray wrinkles away with Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus! This wrinkle spray will spray wrinkles away. As the article linked below mentions, no iron is needed when you’re using the wrinkle spray. Check out the whole article that also discusses steamers, and spray wrinkles away with the wrinkle releaser from Downy!

Smooth Out Your Wrinkles Fast, NO iron needed!
The Advice Sisters Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle website does focus a great deal on beauty, but the wrinkles we’re referencing here are obviously not the ones you might see on your skin (ouch!)
However, the connection is somewhat relevant. Just as a wrinkled skin isn’t a fashion statement, neither is clothing that is creased beyond looking “casual.”
It always seems that the blouse, skirt or favorite pair of pants you planned on wearing (usually the day you’re late) is the one you pull out of the drawer or closet that looks like you already slept in it all night.
You are already rushing to get somewhere, and don’t really want to revise your entire outfit. But there’s are easy solutions for the times when you simply don’t have time to wrangle your wrinkles by lugging out the ironing board and heating up the iron for just one thing:
Dump the Wrinkles With Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus:
But Downy Wrinkle Release Plus worked like a charm!
All you have to do is spray the product lightly on the wrinkles, then smooth and lightly tug the sprayed fabric to release the wrinkles. , not only removed even hard to iron wrinkles on cotton, synthetics, and even linen, it also freshened the fabric.
Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus not only removed what would normally be challenging ot smooth wrinkles on cotton, synthetics, and even linen, it also freshened the fabric and on some of our “cling-y” fabrics, and even reduced static cling.
On a cotton shirt wrinkled into almost accordion folds we managed to smooth out most of the wrinkles in under three minutes. instantly removes creases and wrinkles, helps eliminate odors by freshening fabrics and reduces static cling. It’s a wonderful time saver, ideal for traveling, and best of all, offers.
Tip: Let the fabric dry for about two minutes (don’t over saturate, this works well with a light touch).
You can get Downey Wrinkle Releaser Plus in a variety of sizes, including a 3 oz. spray bottle perfect for travel. That travel size is a cute stocking stuffer, too. We will never leave home without one in our checked bags, again.
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